With the rapid development of science and technology in the near future, the virtual network world has been redefined, and even replaced the real world gradually as the second life. The capsule collection "Cell Community Club" fabricates a group of young people in the near future, aiming to explore the unique living environment and mental state formed by the growing trend of tittytainment, which advocates the supremacy of entertainment.
近未来科技高度发展,虚拟网络世界被重新定义,甚至逐渐取代现实世界成为人类选择的第二人生。“牢笼共同体俱乐部Cell Community Club”虚构了某一个处在近未来的青年群体,旨在探讨主张娱乐至上的tittytainment奶头乐现象日益严重的趋势下,青年群体形成的特有的生活环境和精神状态。
model / Aniek(MNG MODELS), Gaqiang
makeup / Dokan(D+Beauty)
photography / HHHimmm, Ginger
assistant / Cece Zhang, Lulu Liu, Kiki Huang
retouch / Galen Chu, Kiki Huang
art director / HHHimmm